Getting the Most Out of Life (GMOL)/Advance Care Planning
GMOL is an Alameda County Health Care Services Agency (HCSA) Program designed to increase education and utilization of advance care planning and hospice services in Alameda County. This program is aimed to reduce suffering, by honoring the wishes of patients who are seriously ill, and to reduce health care costs by minimizing repeat emergency room visits and extended hospital stays. Most importantly, the work creates supportive environments that encourage people to consider, communicate and document their health care wishes, long before a medical crisis occurs.

Alameda County has made an investment in improving the quality of life for terminally ill residents. The Getting the Most Out of Life program offers training and resources to support faith and community based organizations to learn more about culturally sensitive advance care planning.

Advance care planning allows you to make decisions about your medical treatment, should you become unable to make your own wishes known. These personal choices are based on your personal values, preferences and “Conversations” with loved ones.